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10 Hottest Brazilian Women

Brazilian women are some of the sexiest women in the world thanks to their outgoing personalities, friendliness and desire to please their men. They are not afraid of displaying their affection and love whenever possible.

And of course there is the obvious – Brazilian women are super hot, take great care of their bodies, and take pride in their femininity. It’s no wonder that many of them are quite successful in the modeling and entertainment industry.

1) Juliana Martins

juliana-martins in a sexy laced bikini

Juliana Martins is a supermodel who hails from Jose Bonifacio, Sao Paulo State. She is extremely sexy, has beautiful glowing skin, and a super sweet personality. Her poses are extremely hot so it’s no wonder she’s done shoots for Sports Illustrated several times in the past.

Juliana is admired for her beauty and for her striking resemblance to Cindy Crawford – as young as the age of 13! She is used to being in the limelight, and for good reason! Juliana has a sexy personality, great confidence, and sets the bar high for Brazilian models everywhere.

2) Jeisa Chiminazzo

Jeisa Chiminazzo in her daring swimsuit shots

Jeisa is a super sexy Brazilian model who has been modeling since her early teens. You might recognize her from Vogue, and women from Elle or Marie Claire magazines. From Calvin Klein to Hermes and La Perla, it’s no wonder that her sexy looks have brought this beauty great success and fame. Jeisa flashes her signature seductive in nearly all of her shots, and is not afraid to show off her super fit, sexy body and beautiful light green eyes.

3) Beatriz and Branca Feres

the hottest Brazilian twins Bia and Branca

What a pair of super sexy, well-rounded twins! Their long blonde hair, super sweet innocent looks, and sexy bodies are explosive!  

Both Beatriz and Branca are very athletic, and have been doing gymnastics, swimming, and playing Soccer  (Brazils #1 Sport) for nearly their entire lives! Both of these twins are into acting and modeling, having one of the strongest sex appeal of all Brazilian models.

4) Daniela Freitas

Daniela Freitas in a seductive bikini

A super sexy model from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Daniela has seductive dark eyes, a physique to die for, and is one of the hottest Brazilian models today! From Glamor Italy to foreign edition Elle magazines, Daniela travels the world representing Brazil in the most elegant ways, with sexy bikinis, lingerie, and other sensual clothing and attire.

Daniela is definitely a Brazilian favorite, and has even modeled for Report Footwear. Freitas continues modeling today for major brands like Custo Barcelona and Chrome Hearts. Intelligent, fit, and a strong sex appeal making her every man’s dream!

5) Ana Beatriz Barros

Anna Beatriz Barros in red hot swimsuit

Recruited at a young age for modeling, Ana has a lot of experience in bringing her sexy looks, mesmerizing eyes, and beautiful, well tamed hair through various photo-shoots. Ana is extravagantly sexy, and also very popular in the world of Victoria’s Secret..

Ana has also appeared in and was rated sexiest model from Brazil in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show a handful of times. She’s also very popular from starring in multiple series of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions, and even popular Jennifer Lopez’s JLO fashion brand! Ana is sexy, witty, and talented; speaking English, Spanish, and Portuguese!

6) Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio in different bikini shots

Alessandra is a sexy, sophisticated, and famous model originally from Erechim, Brazil. Alessandra has been modeling since a kid, and once she hit 18 began to explore and model for the Victoria’s Secret brand!

Now in her early 20s, Alessandra has a super-charged sex appeal. Alessandra is so hot that Victoria’s Secret chose her as the very first spokes-model for their PINK clothing and accessories line. Alessandra has also modeled for major names like Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior, Next, and Armani Exchange.

Alessandra is sexy, sophisticated, and compassionate – as she is also an active member and supporter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

7) Izabel Goulart

Izabel Goulart in Victoria's Secret runway

Maria Izabel Goulart Dourado – better known as Izabel – is a Brazilian supermodel, and another Victoria’s Secret popular icon. In fact, Izabel has earned the title of one of Victoria’s Secret’s most prestigious categories; an Angel.

She now models mostly for Armani Exchange, has one of the most gorgeous faces we’ve seen, and rocks her super sexy, Brazilian body. Izabel has modeled for a lot of major, well known and popular brands from Chanel to Ralph Lauren, all the way to Dolce and Gabanna – and even H&M. Girls love and look up to her, and men can’t stop drooling over her super sleek and sexy looks!

8) Camila Alves

Camila Alves in topless picture

A sweet and sexy mix between Brazilian and American, Camila is a hot model and popular designer! Alves originally started her modeling career in New York at the age of 19, and together with her mothered designed the popular Muxo handbags line.

She has also been a television host on the Bravo network, and appeared numerous times on the Food Network. Camila is extremely ambitious and has co-founded the popular and successful frozen baby food company Yummy Spoonful’s – this year!

She is hands-down a both very sexy and capable entrepreneur – after all, she’s married to Matthew McConaughey.

9) Cintia Dicker

Cintia Dicker on a hot sand

Rated as one of the “Top Sexiest” models in the industry, Cintia is a super-hot runway and brand model that is mixed with both Brazilian and German. She has modeled for an enormous amount of A-list brands, originally starting her modeling career with Victoria’s Secret.

She has modeled for H&M, Gap, Yves Saint Laurent, L’Oreal commercials, American Eagle Outfitters, and more! Cintia is super attractive, talented, and compassionate. She is active with various children’s charities throughout Brazil, and aspires one day to own her own business.

10) Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen baring her sizzling hot body

Giselle jump-started her professional career by modeling for Vogue, moving on to modeling for various other A-list brands. This led her to ultimately landing major opportunities and roles in both movies and television.

Gisele starred in the movie Taxi, and has been receiving movie awards since her teenage years. Gisele as you might have guessed from her last name is of both German and Brazilian decent. She is very active in philanthropy work, ranging from support and active representation of Doctors Without Borders, Save the Children, and Red Cross.

She is also active with the Goodwill Ambassador program through the United Nation’s Environment Programme. Giesele is one of the most well-paid, richest models in the world!