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Colombia: One of the World’s Best Places to Meet Women


a-typical-colombianaWarning! Lonely Planet Colombia “warns” that “Male travelers have reported that they felt hassled by Colombian women who are seen as being rather sexually aggressive.”

While the majority of men are fully aware of the negative press that surrounds Colombia, many simply have no clue about Colombia’s abundance of attractive single women who are looking for foreign men. Negative headlines have scared many would be travelers to this land of beauty, leaving a plethora of warm sexy women starving for North American/European men.

Just look at this typical Colombiana below:

It is not unusual to see girls like this everyday in the malls and streets of cities such as Medellin or Cali (two cities widely viewed as having the sexiest women in the country). With women like this walking around the streets, it is easy to see why Colombia is regarded as one of the best countries in the world for seeing beautiful women.

In fact, many well traveled men consider Colombia to be THE BEST place in the world for finding, meeting, and dating super hot women.

It’s no wonder there are so many dating agencies based in Colombia – there’s an overwhelming supply of gorgeous girls looking to meet guys like YOU!

The reality is Colombian women LOVE North American and western men. Many Colombian women consider foreigners to be more loyal, devoted, and better husbands than Colombian men. To ‘score’ an American, and hang on to him, Colombian women will often times do whatever it takes.

This is evident in their urge to please and the sexual enthusiasm and adventurousness that they may show toward foreigners, but not fellow countrymen. Therefore, dating an American is like hitting the jack pot. And contrary to popular belief, not every Colombiana is looking to marry a foreigner simply to leave the country.

That myth just isn’t true.

Many Colombian women love their country and have no desire to leave. That being said, of course there will be some women who indeed are looking for greener pastures abroad. But, the majority of women are simply looking for a good man who is faithful, honest, and who can take care of them – whether it’s in Colombia or the U.S.

With a country so filled with beautiful women, it is amazing that Colombia has only one miss universe winner. Surely it is just a matter of time before a future Miss Colombia puts Colombia on the map for every eligible traveling bachelor.

As the media continues to scare off the masses, those bachelors in the know are thanking the big man upstairs for keeping this country under the radar of every other single male in the world.

However, while Colombia still flies under the radar of many would be bachelors, the rabbit is out of the hat and Colombia is quickly becoming a premier destination for single men looking to hook up with beautiful women.

But for the time being, this is one of the few countries where you can have a significant competitive advantage and achieve great success with women.