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The Pride of The Costa Rica Girls

costa rica girlsSo you’ve decided that you want to try dating girls from a foreign country.  How do you start, where do you look, and which country do you pick?  Well, the answers to those questions will depend on the kind of  guy you are and the kind of women you like.

In some ways, you will approach the issue in the same way you would in your home country. The biggest difference is that you will probably rely on one of the many excellent dating services that can introduce you to girls in different countries.

A destination favored by many men in their search for a foreign bride has been Costa Rica, the land of the “ticas”, as the Costa Rica girls there are called. Take a look at some of Costa Rica’s beauties, and you’ll begin to understand why.

Beautiful Costa Rican Woman

Of course, beauty is only skin deep; or is it? I’d argue it runs much deeper with many Ticas.

Consider the culture and society that these women grow up in, and you will soon appreciate the strength of their character, the solid foundation borne from the hardships many of them endure growing up in a society that has forced many of them to struggle to make it in life.

It’s that resiliency, that deep strength, that appreciation for the little things in life that forms the rock-solid, dependable and beautiful Costa Rican woman.

If any one characteristic stands out with Costa Rica girls, it’s this solid vein of appreciation for the little things in life, and the joy they take in loving kindness. I find Ticas some of the most unassuming, appreciative, and loving women in that part of the world.

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Allow me to get shallow for a minute and talk about the Costa Rican’s physical attributes. Although 95% of the population considers itself “white”, the truth is that many genes from Costa Rica’s original inhabitants, Spanish invaders, and many other travelers to this country over the years have produced a most beautiful race, and especially its women.

You will feast your eyes on women who boast the best of the ancient races right through to a woman whose father might have immigrated from all corners of the earth and married her mother, producing a most enchanting look.

Costa Rica Dating

So, that’s what you can expect physically. But, let’s look deeper, and see what Costa Rica dating offers you.

Costa Rica proudly hails itself as unique among its Central American neighbors. It points to its high literacy levels, health, and cultural attractions as showcases among its neighbors.

It’s enjoyed a long democratic and non-military tradition that has produced a peaceful and rich society.

The country isn’t large, only about four million people, and more than half of them live around the main cities of San Jose, Cargago, and Alajuela.

So if you appreciate great beauty, intelligence, and strong character, you can’t go wrong choosing Costa Rica.

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