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Finding your Latina Soulmate: 10 Things Mexican Women Want

Mexican women are tender, sweet, loving, and very caring. They know how to take care of their family, and aspire to one day make a family of their own. Latina women by nature are very beautiful, know how to show emotions, and express themselves with their bodies more than words – often seen through dancing.

So, if you’re trying to find the Mexican woman of your dreams online, or planning a visit, then take note of these Top 10 things that Mexican women look for in a man, including a prospective foreigner boyfriend.

1. Latina women are very sensual, and enjoy romantic things – and Mexican women are no exception. So, if you’re looking to make the best impression and keep your Mexican woman’s interest may be online, in person, or both, it’s critical that you find new, original ways to uniquely show her that she’s important to you – and don’t hesitate to show your emotions. This will help you to build a stronger connection.

2. Study and learn about Mexican culture, and definitely consider paying a visit sooner than later to Mexico so you can see and experience it firsthand. From the close-knit families to always eating meals together, dancing, singing, and the wonderful food, there’s so much to learn, do, and explore with your Mexican date or lover.

3. May it be online or in person, always strive to make the first move – and know that it can be subtle. You don’t need to do something spectacular to get her attention, and chances are if you’re a well put together man, have sufficient confidence, and take pride in who you are then you already have her interest.

For starters, it’s a great idea to bring her a box of chocolates, or a traditional Mexican dessert, especially if you’re invited to her home or friends house for dinner – just ask for help at a local market! Tell them it’s for your “Amor”. Mexican women, like most women, also absolutely love chocolate – so you can’t go wrong here.

Mexican girl wearing a sombrero with a sweet smile

4. Understand that, traditionally, a relationship with a Mexican woman should not, and likely will not be based on sex. Should you be looking for a serious relationship and to settle down, more than likely you will find yourself with a relatively conservative, self-respecting woman that wants to take things slow. Don’t worry, all in good time, just don’t pressure her or ruin the relationship with sexual impulsivity – you might offend her or worse just scare her away.

5. Men are expected to cherish, love, and respect their Mexican lover – so your best bet is to do the same, and treat her with nothing but dedication and sincerity. Don’t ever curse, yell, or insult your Mexican woman, and certainly, don’t do it in public – Mexicans stick together, and you might find yourself in a world of trouble if you do.

6. Start things off simple, with a friendship. Get to know your Mexican woman, and understand that Latina women are patient, know what they want out of a relationship, and will not spend their time or energy on a man that they cannot foresee a meaningful future with.

7. Traditionally, a man will be expected to provide for his Mexican lover or wife. This means, that you should ideally be in a position to physically, emotionally, and financially support her.

But don’t worry, she’ll return the favor in giving you unlimited passion, love, energy, effort, take care of your home, and best of all one day be the greatest mother and wife you could ever dream of.

8. Latina women are typically very humble, intelligent, educated and ambitious, and due to this carry themselves with class. Regardless of their family’s financial status they do not usually curse, spit, get recklessly drunk, or “act like a man” in many of the ways that you might have previously experienced with dating women.

Therefore, you are expected to likewise conduct yourself in a classy way, be ambitious, and well put together. From your personality to your job, education, and aspirations, all the way down to personal maintenance like making sure your clothes are clean, dried, pressed, and especially clean shoes are all very important – as the cleanliness of your shoes can tell a lot about you.

foreign man and his Mexican girlfriend

9. Prepare for and expect the fact that Mexican women, by tradition, will typically live with their parents and family until they are as old as 25 or more, and they do so happily.

Even with a job, during, and after furthering their education they still commit themselves to living with and caring for their family, so this is something you’ll have to learn to accept and get used to if you’re serious about her.

Traditionally, a Latina woman might live with her family until the very day that she is married, and is then expected to move in with her husband.

10. Last but not least, make an honest effort to always make memories together, no matter what you’re doing, respect her time, and remain committed.

Don’t ever cheat on your Mexican woman, lest you desire to experience the fiery passion of an angry Latina woman.

Most importantly, remember, you’re dating a woman from a foreign country and culture, so you’ll have to figure out a way to meet her half way, and adapt to her home environment and the way of life she’s been brought up with.