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You Can Never Go Wrong With Hot Colombian Girls

hot colombian girlsWhen it comes to dating in the 21st century, you no longer need to limit yourself to the girls in your own country. Communication capabilities exist today that make it almost as easy to converse with a girl 5000 miles away as with a girl five blocks away.

So, if you’ve decided to expand your borders and possibilities in 2011, where should you cast your net?

I’ll admit a certain bias with my recommendation, but many men would agree with me that Colombian women offer some of the best opportunities for dating foreign women.

Chicas Colombianas – Why Date Any Other

And why do they say that? Well, consider that “chicas Colombianas” present you with some of the finest beauty-producing genes in the old gene pool.

The fact is Colombia descends from three distinct racial groups — blacks, whites, and Indians. And while a certain slice of the Colombian population will proudly cite their pure Spanish blood, the majority of the population has experienced gene mixing through intermarriage over the centuries.

And what a stunning group of women that intermarriage has produced. Think of a proud Indian chief’s daughter marrying a Spanish warrior and their great, great, great-grandchildren intermarrying with an Italian sailor, a Russian businessman, or an Irish adventurer.

My mind boggles; and so will yours when you see the resulting beautiful women that emerge from this dance of the races.

And what about the modern-day Colombian woman? How does she present herself to a foreign man looking to date, or even propose marriage? Well, the first thing you will always notice about the Colombian woman is her pride in herself.

I had a beautiful girlfriend, a Paisa, from Manizales (Claudia, do you remember me still?). I will never forget how she explained to me that even a very poor Colombian woman will dress well and show her pride in her appearance, regardless of how little money she may have to deck herself out.

Colombian Women – Something For Everyone

Colombian women are the French of South America: always stylish, whether dressed in working garb or elegant formal wear. They carry themselves with a lovable haughtiness that says “look at me”, but not in an arrogant way but rather in a way that simply celebrates beauty, life, and most of all, love.

Let a beautiful Colombian woman shower you with her pet phrases  ‘Amor’, “Querida’, ‘Corazon’, and you will understand the Colombiana’s allure.

So, if you decide to look for hot Colombian girls, remember that the country is large enough that you will enjoy very different types, depending on where you look. The cosmopolitan Bogota girl will be quite different than the mostly black Costena girls along the coasts. Contrast them with the beautiful Paisas, from the area stretching from Medellin south to cities like Manizales.

The truth of the matter is hot Colombian girls stand out wherever you find them in Colombia. Whether you’re looking for some hot dating opportunities or truly want a foreign bride, you will never go wrong dating a Colombian woman.

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